Maple & Pecan Praline


A 75% dark-chocolate bar made from our in-house Maple Sugar Chocolate and using our in-house made Pecan Praline. (No Cane Sugar). 90g Bar.

Maple & Pecan Praline
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We carefully oven-roast plump Pecan Nuts and then gently stir them into our caramelised (in-house made) Maple Sugar before breaking them up into different sized pieces. Then we add the praline nut (both crumb and large pieces) into our dark Maple Chocolate.

Our crunchy Pecan Praline is a simply stunning pairing made for our Maple chocolate.


Many years ago, to make a chocolate bar free of cane sugar, we looked at other alternative sweetening ingredients commonly used in chocolate … most of them we found were either not natural or left bitter after-tastes.

So we started to research other possible solutions, and during our research we decided to use the complex-natural properties of Maple Syrup. We found out that once the syrup is turned into a sugar granule (among many other benefits) it has a sweeter taste than cane sugar, so you can use less of it!

After making these discoveries we then set about making our own maple sugar to use from the high grade maple syrup we purchased from Canada (sourced from sustainable forests). We ended up having to create innovative methods to turn maple syrup into maple sugar (reducing the moisture content so it would not ‘split’ the chocolate) and our Maple Chocolate was born.


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Maple Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Pecan Nuts.

  • Size: 90g Bar
  • 75% Cacao
  • Vegan
  • Store in a cool-dry place
  • Made In The UK

Allergens: contains NUTS. May contain traces of milk. This chocolate is hand-made at a small facility where milk and nuts are used in some of our processes.

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