Chocolate. Redefined.

At Mayhawk we’re different. We make chocolate. It sounds so obvious and so simple but so few “chocolate” companies actually make their own chocolate it’s worth stating. We make ours from natural, sustainable, high quality and ethically traded single origin cacao. And by knowing where all of our ingredients come from, we know what goes into our chocolate.

The way we make chocolate is done with a distinctly unique attitude: where something beautiful comes out of a disruptive and rebellious craftsmanship.

Since 2007 we have made our chocolate through a combination of creativity… and an uncompromising habit of tearing up the past and starting again.

We are always looking at new techniques and researching new methods to improve and make our chocolate better … our ambition is to make it simpler and more elegant, not just new or different.

This means bringing out more of the vibrant flavours of the cacao bean origin and finding more harmonious pairings of natural ingredients. We do this so that every detail in our chocolate bar is crafted to be beautiful and the flavour notes exceptional.

Cacao Image

For those not interested in mass-production.

Our Signature Style. Our chocolate is made by passionate and skilled people who care about every process.

Mayhawk Craft Chocolate

Bold. Bright. Pure. We decide what goes into our chocolate, and just as importantly, what does not.

Chocolate Bars

Better starts here.

Over the years we have developed and created many unique, non-linear, roasting profiles for the different cacao that we use, and the same for the important conching process. These techniques, and the individualised profiles, improve the overall flavour development of the chocolate. But we believe we can do better.

We understand that new ideas can be mostly just distractions. But some ideas, the fragile ones, are worth exploring.

We have often disconnected from what we have done in the past, transforming and redefining our way of working. By starting over, and looking at each process with new eyes, like uniquely re-fermenting some of the cacao with fresh strawberries before roasting, our work-flow is constantly being challenged and refreshed; bringing with it new creative opportunities and experiments; and our chocolate is truly enhanced because of it.

Cacao Beans in Sack
Sorting Cacao Beans
Roasting Cacao Beans
Stone Grinder
Chocolate Store

Make the chocolate beautiful. And the effort invisible.

At Mayhawk we don’t just want to make the chocolate… we also want to make, grow, compliment and combine in new ways many of the natural ingredients that we use to make our chocolate bars. This is an intentional direction, both challenging and incredibly exciting, and one not every company takes.

We often need to come up with new, individualised and innovative methods and techniques, like how to double-ferment the cacao, or how to lacto-ferment the fresh fruit, or make our own maple sugar etc. And many times over the years we have decided to start over, and revolutionise the way our chocolate is made … designing, engineering and building our own machines to accomplish our ambitions and to simplify the processes.

Craft Chocolate
Engineering Chocolate

Our chocolate. Connected to everything you care about.

Simple, pure and natural. We consider the health benefits of dark chocolate to be one of the main reasons to love what we do. We want to make the chocolate we produce taste beautiful, from ethically sourced ingredients, and we want to put it in stunning recyclable packaging that we design ourselves, yet we also want to make it simple, pure, all-natural and healthy.

This is why we deeply consider what to leave out and what to put in.

Far less sugar is added to our chocolate than most other chocolate made, and there are no harmful additives put in; neither are there any lecithins, or bulk oils and unnecessary fats etc. Our chocolate is simple and pure, with a short and all-natural ingredient list you can understand (and pronounce). Our supply chain is ethically monitored, so that we don’t purchase ingredients from plantations and farms with poor (or worse) work practices. And our packaging is also environmentally sustainable and recyclable.

We really do care that you care, that we care.

We're here. For the people who mean everything to you...

Within the Mayhawk Design Studio we believe that everything we create should be: Exceptionally Beautiful and Remarkably Unique. We appreciate that the designs of our chocolate packaging is how we first interact with you, and with your loved ones, when you give our chocolate to them as gifts, which is why we want to capture this personalised and distinct point in time with incredible and unmistakable designs and original artwork… and, of course, a little bit later on, our beautiful tasting chocolate.

Creative and stunning. The art of designing beautiful packaging.

We have worked hard to create a company that allows us the freedom to be different, to be creative, inquisitive and experimental in nature. Just like the people who buy our chocolate. So we wanted our unique packaging designs and branding choices to reflect this.

Art. Design. Packaging. In chocolate these three things have always been synonymous with each other. In our industry, for well over 100 years, through many different periods of art, the work from acclaimed artists and designers has been proudly displayed on chocolate boxes, tins and colourful wrapping paper.

And yet in the last decade many chocolate companies have turned to “cookie-cutter” Brand Agencies to provide them with ubiquitous, bland and predictably safe “colourised themes” that they don’t have to think about or change. But that’s not for us… in the Mayhawk Design Studio we always remember we need to be uniquely Magical & Compelling… so that’s what we aim for.

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Packaging Design 02
Packaging Design 02
Packaging Design 03
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