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Our Most Elegant & Innovative Chocolate.

Produced in small, limited numbers, the Mayhawk Limited Reserve bars are made as a result of challenging ourselves. We begin with a question: can we make a new chocolate bar that is altogether better than we have ever done before? To do this we first look at how we can use more precise methods and innovative processes to enhance and elevate the flavour profile of the chocolate and the ingredients we want to use.

As we begin to work we then continue to develop these new processes, iterating on them to look for even more clarity and depth of flavour from the chocolate and ingredients we are making, while eliminating any unnecessary complexity found in these new methods where we can.

No matter which of these limited edition, forward thinking, chocolate bars you choose you will experience a new type of chocolate, one made to make a difference.



Your choice. Your chocolate. Made in small numbers the number 9 chocolate bar uses some of our most advanced and innovative chocolate making processes and ingredients. We ultimately made this chocolate bar for you, with you in mind … while all of our chocolate uses only natural and pure ingredients, with Bar 9 we also wanted to make sure it was luxurious, extra smooth and indulgent.

When we discussed the details of what we wanted Bar 9 to be about we thought about the term “quiet luxury”, a low-key minimalist presented chocolate bar with an authenticity that would surprise on all levels, and be embraced by those who seek out quality and craft.

In terms of elevating our chocolate and ingredient choice everything from the taste to the renewable sustainability of the packaging was meticulously thought out.

To begin with we use bold combinations of natural ingredients, which are expertly blended to create a subtle and unique flavour profile … to make a chocolate designed and formed to make a real difference in taste, with a true vibrancy and depth to it.



BAR 8 uses the preserving technique of lacto-fermentation for the fresh organic fruit and other ingredients that we use in this bar. This slow and measured process, under a vacuum seal, creates a stunning and an intense preserved fruit, which is then soaked in the finest spirits.

Over the last 5 years we have pioneered our own approach in chocolate bar making by using our own fermentation methods and process, developed from researching several experts in the fermentation field. In our early days of looking at these processes we found that our natural organic ingredients under went a profound change in their composition, structure and flavour profile. Dramatically altering our ideas for future bars.

Some of our early experiments and research guesses failed spectacularly, while others had a uniquely surprising outcome, which we immediately recognised as something worth pursuing further. This is what Bar 8 is all about …



In next level chocolate making we ethically source some of the world’s finest single-origin cacao beans from sustainable and environmentally forward thinking cacao plantations.

As skilled chocolate makers we understand that no cacao used in chocolate making is “raw”, all of it has been fermented at source at the plantation, soon after the cacao pods have been harvested (this is an essential preservation process). The cacao beans are then dried and sold to the chocolate makers.

We take these top quality cacao beans and then, having developed our own processes, we ferment them again at our small production facility (which is why we call this chocolate bar “double-fermented cacao”).

This time we ferment the cacao bean nibs (shelled from the husk) for the second time with fresh organic fruit, such as fresh strawberries and raspberries or plums and apricots etc. Then both the re-fermented cacao nibs, and the fermented fresh fruit, are oven-dried and roasted using a unique roasting profile, before being stone-ground together to make a wonderful tasting unique chocolate bar, which has incredibly bright notes, with a burst of natural fruit to the cacao.

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