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Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing Information

Where do you deliver to?

Delivery is limited to UK addresses at the moment but we will be expanding to ship internationally soon.

What is your returns policy?

To ensure the product quality and packaging integrity of the food items we sell we unfortunately cannot accept the return or exchange of chocolate that has been delivered and received intact. If your order is damaged in transit, we will gladly replace it for you.

You can read our returns policy here: Returns Policy.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery is usually the day after our delivery partner picks up from us. Therefore in the UK delivery on standard items can take 1 to 2 days from you submitting your order.

This does not include delivery over the weekend. Items purchased on a Friday will be delivered either Monday or most likely Tuesday.

Non standard, made-to-order items, will take longer, usually 3 to 5 days after you have submitted an order to us.

How do I obtain an itemised receipt?

A receipt will be attached to your confirmation email for you to print off, or you can email us and ask us for another copy – please use the same email address you used to purchase from us. 

Chocolate Making

Do you make your own chocolate?

Yes. We make ALL of our chocolate using natural raw-materials and ingredients. We start the process of making our chocolate with purchasing fine flavour cacao beans / cacao nibs / cocoa-mass / cocoa-butter etc. these are ethically sourced ingredients that we purchase from cacao growing regions from around the world. The type of chocolate production that we do, therefore, is where all of the processes are handled by us, in-house.

Is your chocolate 'Fair Trade'?

FAIRTRADE is a copyright indication/logo from a separate company organisation and foundation. We do not belong or affiliate ourselves to this company as we do not feel this foundation, in its modern setup, is a ‘right fit’ for us.

However, as an ethical chocolate maker of high quality small-batch chocolate, we purchase our cacao and other ingredients through ‘Direct Trade‘, or we source from third-party suppliers who also buy directly from the plantations and co-operatives etc. We pay premium prices to the producers and take steps within our company guidelines to ethically source all of our ingredients.

Do you pay a fair price for the cacao you buy?

Yes. Top-tier co-operatives and plantations set their own much higher prices for the fine flavour cacao and 100% raw cacao ingredients that they sell, compared to the bulk ‘commercial-grade’ cacao sold.

It’s a partnership based on quality and price. The higher prices the co-operatives receive helps to enhance their life and their work practices, while the higher quality cacao that we receive enhances our product.

Do you know where your cacao comes from?

Yes. Every sack of beans or nibs or tub of cocoa butter etc. that we purchase comes from plantations that we have decided to work with, or from our suppliers who have forwarded detailed information on the growing and working conditions of the cacao they are supplying to us.

We take human rights and environmental sustainability very seriously when choosing where we source our cacao from. We do not source our cacao from continental Africa because of the risk of slave labour and child labour being used in its production.

Are your practices ethical?

Yes. We try to focus on making ethical choices in an industry that normally chooses profit over everything else.

The company’s ethical stance on working within environmentally sustainable practices and promoting workers rights, and fair wages, is a corner stone of what we do. We do not take this part of our company’s responsibilities lightly.

We also focus on using pure and natural ingredients; we do not cut corners and we do not use artificial ingredients or cheap bulking agents. Simplicity and purity to us are key.

About The Chocolate

Is your chocolate Vegan?

Mostly, yes. Most of our chocolate is vegan, and this is stated on each product page. Some of our chocolate does contain milk and some honey etc. but these are clearly labelled and you can check the product and ingredient listings.

All of our plain dark-chocolate is plant based, and most of our ingredients are plant based too.

How do you best store chocolate?

Not in the fridge! The best place to store your chocolate is in a dry and cool place, in a darkened drawer is best. A temperature range of 15ºC to 21ºC is optimal, and wrap your chocolate well, or keep it in an air-tight box.

The worst place to keep your chocolate is in a place of high-humidity, or in direct sunlight.

General Questions

Do you really plant trees?

Yes we do. We work on a farm, surrounded by ancient forest land. We plant new trees into this established woodland every year. This helps us offset our paper and card usage, and helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

We also give donations to charitable organisations in the developing world devoted to sustainable forestry and tree planting programs.