Dark & Stormy

Your cocktail hour. With a twist.

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Dark and Stormy Chocolate Bar

Winter Nine Spices

A new take on your old favourite.

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Winter Nine Spices Chocolate Bar

London Gin

A classic you love. Renewed.

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London Gin Chocolate Bar

How we make our chocolate

Mayhawk Craft Chocolate

Mayhawk Chocolate. We are a small company with a distinctive British identity, and a strong reputation for innovation and craftsmanship. We’ve worked very hard to create an environment at our production facility where we can make a genuinely better chocolate from developing and researching our own ideas.

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Creating an ethical supply chain

Cacao Harvesting

Our impact on the world. We believe, as a small independent chocolate maker, our core company values should always come from looking at the environmental and human impact we make through our decisions as a business. As such we have created a company Core Values Plan (CVP) to guide us in this area.

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Our values & responsibilities


Promoting change. A sustainable growth company is a low-carbon growth company. At Mayhawk we support tree planting initiatives and programs that drive positive change. Planting new trees in the forest around where we work helps us offset our carbon footprint in our transport and logistics supply chain.

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