Mayhawk Craft Chocolate

Delicious. Ethical. Wonderful.

A new experience in chocolate

At the Mayhawk Chocolate online shop you can buy our innovative small-batch chocolate bars, made in-house by our skilled staff from sustainably and ethically sourced cacao and natural ingredients.

We hand-craft and hand-temper all of our unique and delicious chocolate bars. This is done through ethical sourcing and practicing traditional chocolate making bean-to-bar methods. We are committed to using Less sugar, Minimal processing, and Eco-friendly packaging in all of our products

When you buy our bean to bar chocolate, as part of our revolutionary and innovative process, our chocolate uses far less sugar (or no cane sugar) than most other manufacturers. Even our Milk Chocolate bar contains over 50% cacao, with the same low amount of sugar as our Dark Chocolate bar.

Mayhawk Craft Chocolate made since 2007

Every Mayhawk Chocolate Bar is crafted in-house, from natural and pure cacao ingredients. We start by slowly stone-grinding our chosen chocolate ingredients together, over several days, to create the complex and unique flavour profiles found within our chocolate that we are known for.

However, it is not only about what we can add in to our bean to bar chocolate … it is also equally important to state what we don’t have to add in to our chocolate.

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