Mayhawk is a small company with a distinctive British identity and a strong reputation for innovation and craftsmanship. We’ve worked very hard to create an environment at our production facility where we can make a genuinely better chocolate from developing our own ideas. It’s simple… we decide what goes into our chocolate, and, just as importantly, we decide what does not get put into our chocolate.

Our drive comes from our belief that people who are really serious about working with chocolate should make their own chocolate.

Our team is one of the most hard working and talented in the business, and, to us, the craft of making a really good, beautifully focused chocolate, simply, with hand-crafted and hand-tempered skills, is immensely satisfying.


At Mayhawk we use the highest grade cocoa-beans, (fine flavour cacao), ethically sourced cacao nibs, and a small amount of 100% naturally pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter. These are all natural, high-quality ingredients that we ethically source from wonderful plantation growers and co-operatives from around the world.

We also purchase many of the ingredients that go into flavouring our chocolate from very local sources to us… and importantly we also grow, smoke, and ferment many of the ingredients we use ourselves.

What we want from every bar of chocolate that we make is it to be delicious and, at times, provocative and unexpected.

To do this we are constantly researching and developing new, unique and innovative processes which puts us at the forefront of chocolate making in the UK. 

By circumventing traditional sourcing channels, making and designing all our chocolate products in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide a higher-quality, better-tasting, ethically-sourced chocolate.

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